ALHAFIDH 36000 BTU Floor Standing AC Cooling and Heating

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  • Model: FHA-H36R410GC5-ODU


Key Features

  • T3 Compressor
  • Golden Condenser
  • Plasma Filter
  • Hidden Touch Display
  • 4-Way Airflow
  • Quiet Operation
  • Auto Restart
  • Pure Copper Pipe
  • Double Fan
  • 1 Phase
  • Turbo Cooling
  • Made in China
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    1 Year Product Warranty

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ALHAFIDH Floor Standing AC 


T3 Tropical Compressor

Specially designed for the hot weather areas where the temperature reaches over 60℃. 4-way Airflow 4-way airflow function provides users a wide range of comfortable air.


4-way airflow

4-way airflow function provides users a wide range of comfortable air.



Golden Fin

The coating material is a layer of crylic acid colophony with anti-corrosive additive. It can not only improve the cooling efficiency by enabling the condensate water flow freely between fins, but also can prevent bacteria from breeding and spreading.




High Cooling Capacity R410A

R410A does not contribute to ozone depletion, and has a higher SEER ratings. It is becoming more widely used. R-410A system operates more efficiently reducing wear and tear on the compressor.


Ionizer (Plasma)

The use of plasma ionizer technology drastically improves indoor air quality (IAQ), eliminating both toxins and the physical symptoms that they cause. Ionizer: 3400V high static field. Life span is 5000 hours.


Sleep mode

This is for energy saving and comfort at night, ensure the users a sweet sleep.


Auto Restart

After being turned off or in case of an accidental power cut, the air conditioners are able to retain and restore the temperature and other settings , until being turned on or the power supply is resumed. Dual drainage


Dual drainage design, which is optional to have drainage connected either from the left or from the right.


Anti-cold Air In Heating Mode,

the indoor fan speed is controlled according to the evaporator temperature. Only when the temperature is warm enough, the fan begins to operate, preventing any cold blasting at the beginning of unit running or after defrosting period.



Capacity (BTU/h) 36000
Type Floor Standing AC
Rated Heating Capacity (Btu/h) 36500
Gas Type R410a
Compressor T3 Rotary
Product (Years) 2 Years
Compressor (Years) 2 Years
Net Weight Indoor (kg) 52KG
Net Weight Outdoor (kg) 100KG
Packing Dimension (WxHxD) Indoor (mm) 636×1946x490
Packing Dimension (WxHxD) Outdoor (mm) 1030x1280×430
Net Dimension Indoor (WxHxD) (mm) 540x1755×415
Net Dimension Outdoor (WxHxD) (mm) 940x1250×340
Gross Weight Indoor (kg) 62KG
Gross Weight Outdoor (kg) 109
Origin China